The Trouble Getting A 69

As someone who uses the bus a lot I’ve been using the Real Time Information system since it came out. I now use it pretty much every day to plan my trip. Usually I find the data to be pretty accurate, with one constant exception – the 69 passing my house in the mornings which […]

RPi Munin Temperatures

Just two weeks ago I upgraded my raspberry pi from the original squeeze image to the newer wheezy based raspbian. Something I tried to do was to get temperature information in munin, but it didn’t seem possible Today’s update from Eben indicated this was now simples. So, I updated and after reboot the temperature was […]

Updated: Screenshots in LXDE

Back in 2010 I wrote about how to configure the gnome screenshot tool in lxde/openbox. Since then the advance of gnome3 has continued with 3.6 bringing changes that some don’t quite agree with. I too have a new problem using gnome utilities since upgrading to Fedora 17 (with gnome 3.4). The behaviour of the screenshot […]

Persistent Synaptics Settings Outside Gnome

So far this is the best way I’ve found to have persistent touchpad settings when not using gnome. It feels quite hacky though, so I’m hoping there’s a better way I haven’t thought of yet The problem seems to be that gpointing-device-settings relies on gnome-setting-daemon for persistent settings. Running gnome-settings-daemon plants an ugly power gauge […]

Screenshots in LDXE

This is how I setup lxde (on Fedora 14) to take screenshots. Install the gnome-utils package. This contains the gnome-screenshot program. It’s possible to avoid this by using imagemagick or scrot, but I couldn’t find a way to make them take shots of the active window (the usual alt+printscreen behaviour) Insert the lines below into […]

Vim Nano

Or, how to make vim behave a lot more like nano My vimrc: ” backspace anything set backspace=indent,eol,start ” indent plz set autoindent ” I never liked vi set nocompatible ” can haz shiny syntax on filetype plugin indent on ” +++ Make it obvious which mode we are in set laststatus=2 ” always show […]

Lucid, Upstart & Bridge Networking

New server arrived last week. Installed lucid (Ubuntu 10.04) and planned to run some VMs there with werdz‘s awesome rbvm. Spent my first few hours at the machine tripping up over this nasty bug, but I’ll save that for a separate rant, this is a rant just about upstart. Upstart is the kind of thing […]

Home Finally

This is the second of two entries on our journey home from Nerja. Read the earlier one here The last few hours of the journey home were significantly less eventful then the earlier ones. We left the Internet cafe about 3.30 pm, picked up some doughnuts, wandered abbout Camden for a while and then headed […]

69 Hours

Last Thursday we were supposed to fly home from Nerja. Due to the ash clould we had to move this to the following day. When that flight was cancelled ryanair would not offer us another flight until at least Wednesday. We began to research other options to get home, but, decided they were too expensive […]

LXDE Part 2

So, I’ve been using it for a few days, and it’s working nicely now. Power Management The battery applet on LXPanel seemed to eh, not work for me. I decided to try loading in gnome-power-manager for this. Not only does this put an accurate power gauge on the panel (in the tray area), but controls […]