Fedora 10 vs. Dell D420

When I installed fedora 7 it involved beating thing about to get it to work. As expected, installing fedora 10 was almost flawless.

The sound, graphics, wireless all worked out of the box perfectly.

As with fedora 8 I had to fix the Font DPI, internal speaker, selinux, useless services. The mouse speed is still a problem, but since there’s now no xorg.conf I just changed this in the preferences menu. Like all my other fedora 10 boxes I just removed PackageKit so that it’d fuck off.

Plymouth worked fine once I added vga=0x318 to the kernel line in the grub.conf.

So, overall the re-install has been very painless. Next I need to get it working with my 3G modem, and set up dirvish to to automated backups. I’ll be posting about that over the next few days 🙂

Posted January 31st, 2009 in Linux.


  1. Andrew Martin:

    Have you seen plymouth with full, proper [non-VESA] kernel modesetting? As far as I know only the radeon driver supports it. It’s sexy – there’s no mode switches after the first one, the boot up sun/flare thingy just sortof fades into the GDM login screen.

  2. andrew:

    Yep, it’s radeon only. I don’t have any radeon machines at the moment.
    * andrew waits for fedora 11

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