Getting the multimedia keys to work

Today I decided to throw out my old dell keyboard and get a fancy new keyboard. I got a genius KKB-2050, which was fairly cheap. The keyboard has 12 multimedia keys along the top, which needless to say didn’t work. This is how I got them working.

Firstly, install lineakd, it’s in the fedora repo, so you can install it with yum. I tried to get some the graphical configuration working, but got nowhere. The config files looked easy enough to edit, so I quickly tried that approach.

Firstly, run lineakd -l to list the keyboards and find the one that matches yours closest. To generate the configuration file then run lineakd -c [keyboard-type] where keyboard type is the model number of the keyboard you chose from the lineak -l output.

That will generate a default blank config in (~/.lineak/lineakd.conf). I wanted a global configuration, so I moved this to /etc/lineak/lineakd.conf. (if you do this, make sure to chmod it 644 to make it world readable.

Run lineakd -vv from a terminal window, and check that your keys are correctly detected. If they were then proceed to editing the config file, if not try generate it again with a different keyboard type, or refer to the lineak website.

Open the lineakd.conf in a text editor, and you’ll see a list of actions that correspond to the keys on your keyboard. You can put any commands in there – you may want to refer to my config file at this time (read it here).

My keyboard also came with a sleep key, which by default was sleeping (and crashing my desktop). Needless to say, I wanted to disable this feature so my machine wouldn’t crash if someone accidentally hit the key. The solution was simple enough – telling the suspend button to do nothing in the gnome power configuration seemed to do it :)

Run lineakd from a terminal again (run it as you, not as root) and check that things are working. If they are all that’s left to do is run lineak when your x session starts (coming soon)

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