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This is the second of two entries on our journey home from Nerja. Read the earlier one here

The last few hours of the journey home were significantly less eventful then the earlier ones. We left the Internet cafe about 3.30 pm, picked up some doughnuts, wandered abbout Camden for a while and then headed back to the station about 5.30. Train had loud annoying women getting drunk and yabbering in welsh. I was unimpressed. They seemed to take great enjoyment in discussing our donuts, perhaps they don’t have doughnuts in wales. One of them got up and spilled her drink all over herself at one point. I lol’d.

Arrived in Holyhead about 11pm, where the only entertainment was drinking tea and making journey small talk with other passengers, well Ornat talked, I was too tired. Coach brought is on to the boat about 2am, found our cabin and was pretty much asleep when the boat was leaving the port. Woke up a few hours later in Dublin, and back to the house by about 7am.

As planned travelled Nerja -> Granada -> Madrid -> San Sebastian -> Hendaye -> Paris -> Le Havre -> Portsmouth -> London -> Holyhead -> Dublin in 4 days, about 2900 km according to Google Maps.

Posted April 22nd, 2010 in Travel.


  1. Ornat:

    We would have made it in three days if we didn’t sleep in… 😛

  2. andrew:

    @Ornat yea, probably. I was way too tired to get up though. Besides, we wouldn’t have had time to get Pizza Hut or doughnuts 😉

  3. cambo:

    that’s pretty damn impressive guys… fair dues

  4. Kat:

    Not fun, but at least you have an adventure you can tell the grand kids about!.

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