LXDE Part 2

So, I’ve been using it for a few days, and it’s working nicely now.

Power Management

The battery applet on LXPanel seemed to eh, not work for me. I decided to try loading in gnome-power-manager for this. Not only does this put an accurate power gauge on the panel (in the tray area), but controls things like brightness when on power/battery. Best of all, the brightness control buttons on the keyboard now work. Created an autostart entry to start this on login.

Note (October 2012): Updating to gnome3 broke using the power manager like this, I now use the xfce power manager. I have updated the autostart entry below to reflect this. (Thanks to @lil_cain for pointing this out)

[andrew@Callandra ~]$ cat .config/autostart/power.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Power Manager
Comment=XFCE4 Power Manager

Keyboard Indicators

For some reason this laptop comes with no indicator lights for the keyboard. I don’t understand why something would be designed like this, but there is an indicator available on LXPanel, which mostly works.

It seems to work fine when started, but, if it’s set to show only caps lock (the only one I really needed) it loads up on next login only indicating scroll lock. Only solution to this I’ve found is to keep all three indicators enabled.

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